Minimalist (Bento Cake)

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Minimalist (Bento Cake)
Minimalist (Bento Cake)

Cake size fixed: 4" round shape, serves 2-4pax.

Cake buttercream color of your choice + maximum 20 characters custom piped message on top of the cake

Photos are for reference only. 

IMPORTANT: Read instructions under product care tab

Cakes leave the shop cold for safe transportation. Place on a level surface and allow aircon to reach the cake. 

Buttercream cakes are best had at aircon temp and will be hard when cold. Please allow a thaw time of 30minutes if refrigerated. It can be left in aircon temp for at least 4hours.

If you refrigerate cakes with fondant decoration, take it out to a cold aircon temp (18-20deg) first, to prevent condensation from temperature shock which may disfigure the fondant. 

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