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10 Best 21st Birthday Cake Ideas In Singapore


10 Best 21st Birthday Cake Ideas in Singapore

15 Apr 2023

21 years old is one of the most important milestone ages, with many things being unlocked when you enter adulthood, such as voting eligibility in Singapore’s General Elections. With such significance attached to turning 21, it can be intimidating finding the perfect 21st birthday cake for a 21st birthday party, whether you’re planning it yourself or throwing it for a loved one. Not to worry as we’ve curated some of the best 21st birthday cakes in Singapore for you!

1. Blackjack Poker Cake

Turning 21 also means you’re able to legally gamble in Singapore. Celebrate the fun times ahead with our Blackjack Poker Cake featuring a black buttercream base with gold accents, edible poker cards and poker chips. Our Blackjack Poker Cake is perfect for a casino themed 21st birthday party. Our event space, All To Gather, offers party games such as Poker, Blackjack, Mahjong, and more, a great 21st birthday party venue for a casino themed birthday party! 

blackjack poker birthday cake

2. Louis Vuitton LV Cake

Not sure what 21st birthday cake to get for that atas person you know? Stepping into the 20s also marks the start of adult working life for many; celebrate the greater things to come with an intricately designed Louis Vuitton LV Cake. This handbag cake is the perfect 21st birthday cake for females who love luxury handbags. Add on classy 21st birthday party decorations like our Cheers Bubbly Wine Glass AirLoonz Foil Balloon for a truly stylish 21st birthday celebration.

lv square birthday cake

3. Around The World Globe Cake

Know someone with wanderlust or are an avid traveller yourself? Celebrate their 21st birthday with our Around The World Globe Cake, featuring blue buttercream representing the sea, and green fondant as the land. Convey all your best 21st birthday wishes with this travel themed birthday cake; there’s so much to explore and experience and we’re sure the 21 year old birthday star will agree!

globe birthday cake

4. Naruto 3D Fondant Cake

Remember to always consider the celebrant’s interests when getting a 21st birthday cake for them. Perhaps they like anime and manga? Surprise them with an impressive anime manga cake like a Naruto 3D Fondant Cake, inspired by one of the most classic and popular manga series in the world. Our Naruto 3D Fondant Cake features a fondant Naruto sitting atop Gamakichi frog, making it an excellent 21st birthday cake for males. Complete the Naruto theme party with some matching balloon clusters.

naruto 3D fondant birthday cake

5. Squid Game Cake

The 21st birthday star likes keeping up with trending shows such as Squid Game? Wish them a very happy 21st birthday with our Squid Game Cake, everyone’s invited to a slice of this 21st birthday cake! With All To Gather’s wide range of entertainment options, such as a Pool table and a 6 player air hockey table, throw a thrilling Squid Game themed game night at the best 21st birthday party venue in Singapore. 

squid game birthday cake

6. Valorant Agent Raze

Esports, where professional video game players compete with one another, rose in popularity in recent years, with first person shooter Valorant seeing extreme success the last few years. Valorant is immensely popular with 21st year old gamers; celebrate your loved one’s 21st birthday with a Valorant cake complete with their favourite Valorant Agent, such as Raze. Valorant is equally popular with both females and males hence, the Valorant cake will be a great 21st birthday cake for females and 21st birthday cake for males! Gamers will be excited to know that All To Gather also has a PS4 console with preloaded games.

valorant agent raze story birthday cake

7. BTS Mic Drop Cake

Kpop idols BTS are one of the biggest performing acts right now. Know a BTS fan, affectionately known as ARMY, turning 21? Celebrate with a BTS Mic Drop Cake, featuring black buttercream with silver accents, BTS fondant wordings, and fondant finger heart.  Complete with BTS members toy cake toppers, our BTS Mic Drop Cake is definitely the perfect 21st birthday gift idea for a dedicated ARMY.

bts 6 tall birthday cake

8. Tiara Princess Cake

Thinking of the best 21st birthday cake idea for a special lady? Wish her a happy 21st birthday with a Tiara Princess Cake, featuring 2 tiers with the bottom tier being a pretty rosette cake design. A 21st Princess Cake is a great 21st birthday cake for females who are throwing a glamorous 21st birthday party in Singapore. Complete the look with a Birthday Queen Tiara and Sash Set, the 21st birthday star is a sure show-stopper on her special day!

tiara princess birthday cake

9. Minimalist Rainbow Fresh Cream Cake

While some might throw lavish and grand 21st birthday parties, some prefer a cozier 21st birthday celebration. For those who prefer a simpler birthday party, celebrate with our Minimalist Rainbow Fresh Cream Cake, featuring designs inspired by Korean bento box cakes. Choose a thoughtful 21st birthday message for the piped wording on the birthday cake and go with a simple Happy Birthday Bunting for a sweet 21st birthday celebration.

minimalist rainbow fresh cream birthday cake

10. Watercolor Cake

Not sure what 21st birthday party decoration to go for? Opt for a classic colour theme with our Watercolor Cake perfectly complementing the themed birthday party. Featuring a white base and water color effect in the color(s) of your choice, our Watercolor Cake is an excellent match for any 21st birthday party.

blue gold glitter watercolor birthday cake

Have a unique 21st birthday party customised cake in mind? WhatsApp us here, The Frosted Chick would love to celebrate with you!