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LOVE YOU ❤️ Macaron Gift Box
LOVE YOU ❤️ Macaron Gift Box

Send you love message in a form of macarons! LOVE YOU ❤️ Macaron Gift Box consists of 16 macarons - x7 alphabets (LOVE YOU), x1 heart shape and x8 regular macarons.

Red macarons: Dark Chocolate / Pink macarons: White Chocolate / Blue macarons: Vanilla Bean / Yellow macarons: Salted Caramel

If you wish to change the flavors of the round macarons to assorted flavors, please comment upon checkout. There is no additional charge, but the color of macarons will be different according to flavor (8 different flavors and colors).

To ensure safe transportation, all cakes should be transported cold (within 30 - 60mins of pick up).

Buttercream cakes are best consumed at an aircon temperature. Please allow the cakes to thaw for 30mins - 1hr (depending on the size) if refrigerated beforehand. The cake can be left in cold aircon temperature of 18°C - 20°C up to 4hrs.

For cakes with fondant decoration, they must be taken out of refrigeration to an aircon temperature of 18°C - 20°C. This is to prevent condensation from forming, which may disfigure the fondant.

Kindly note that dark buttercream colors may stain the tongue like how a lollipop would. Toothpicks / skewers / wires may be used to mount or stabilise cake decorations. Please remove them before serving.

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