Birthday Cake Ideas For All Ages

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Birthday Cake Ideas For All Ages


Birthday Cake Ideas For All Ages
20 Dec 2022

Searching for birthday cake ideas? Finding the perfect birthday cake for the birthday star may be a headache, especially as they hit more milestones in life. Get started with our easy guide to birthday cake ideas for different ages.

Birthday Cakes For Kids

An amazing birthday cake combines the recipient’s interests with their tastes, while taking note of their dietary restrictions. For the younger ones, popular themes such as favourite cartoon shows are always a hit. For example, kids who love CoComelon and Baby Shark will be wowed by our CoComelon x Baby Shark Inspired Cake. With delicious buttercream and cute fondant characters, it will definitely be a birthday party to remember. One classic cartoon favourite is the Princess, with many imparting valuable life lessons. Throw an enchanted fairytale party with our Floral Princess Castle Cake featuring Cinderella, Jasmine, Snow White, and Rapunzel as special guests! Another popular kids birthday theme is the construction site. Complete with a carved road, toy construction vehicles, and road signs, your little builder enthusiast will be delighted with a beautifully replicated construction cake.

Kids Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes For Teenagers

Finding the ideal birthday cake for teenagers may be slightly more difficult. As they enter their adolescent stage, they might prefer birthday cakes which are more in trend. For young teens, they might still be into cuter birthday cakes which tie in with their current obsession. Our BTS x BLACKPINK Cake will excite KPOP fans, especially loyal BTS’ ARMYS and true BLACKPINK BLINKS. As they grow older, they might prefer birthday cakes with a different visual appeal in line with current trends. One birthday cake design that has surged in popularity recently features chubby, cute frogs atop colourful cakes. With our Whimsical Frog Cake, chill amongst butterflies in the mushroom forest with our 3D buttercream frogs. Another popular cake craze is bento cakes, mini-sized cakes usually served in beige or white boxes. Also known as lunchbox cakes, they usually come in pastel shades with a minimalist design. Bento cakes like our Monochrome Bento Cake fit perfectly into intimate and laidback birthday celebrations, while still being pretty enough for your teen’s curated Instagram feed. Meanwhile, birthday cakes for 16 year olds may lean towards a more elaborate design to commemorate an important milestone age. Watercolour cakes decorated with tasty delights like macarons are great for the teen birthday star graduating from the kiddy feel.

Teens Birthday Cake

Cakes For 18th and 21st Birthdays

The next two big milestones are the 18th and 21st birthday. Birthday cakes for 18 and 21 year olds tend to gravitate towards designs which welcome adulthood and exude sophistication. As a toast to finally reaching the legal drinking age in Singapore, why not get a cake featuring alcohol bottles? For chocolate lovers, our Chocoholic Cake topped with assorted chocolate and cookies is the perfect 18th birthday cake for that special occasion. Birthday stars who prefer a classier style will love our stunning Royal Crown Cake, featuring piped hearts and a crown topper. Though some might favour a more mature vibe for a birthday cake, others may want to showcase their inner child. A birthday cake that displays the inner child while not being overly kiddy such as our Winnie the Pooh Rustic Cake works wonders. Featuring a 2-tiered tree stump cake, with a yellow top tier and buttercream log stump on the bottom tier, the cake is adorned with thyme, baby breath, fondant bees and a toy Pooh cake topper. 

For 21st birthday cakes, those who prefer classier, minimalist designs will find that our Concrete Gold Splatter Cake has the right amount of charm. For a more personalized touch, add on a custom cardstock cake topper to make it an extra memorable 21st birthday party. Ladies who are throwing a glitz and glam party, make it an unforgettable celebration and dazzle your event guests with our Birthday Queen Tiara and Sash Set. Stepping into the 20s also symbolizes the start of working adult life for many, why not celebrate the greater things to come, such as earning one’s own Hermes shopping spree? With a Hermes shopping bag and Hermes bracelets atop a quilted design, the cake is ideal for ambitious 21st year olds with big dreams and finer taste. For celebrants who are known jokesters, switch it up on them by getting a prank cake, such as our Poop Emoji Cake

18th 21st Birthday Cake

Cakes For 30th Birthday

Turning 30 years old is the next significant milestone, with many considering it as entering the next stage of adulthood. Take a trip down memory lane with birthday cakes filled with nostalgia. For certain generations, cakes such as our Harry Potter Inspired Cake are a throwback to movies and books they grew up with. With a fondant spell book, Hedwig the snowy owl, Gryffindor scarf, wand, and Golden Snitch, the Harry Potter Inspired Cake is perfect for Potterheads, especially those who have received their Hogwarts letter of acceptance and were sorted into Gryffindor by the Sorting Hat. Stroll further down memory lane with colourful cakes such as our Vintage Heart Floral Wreath Cake. Featuring a classic heart shape and 2D buttercream swirls, such colourful cakes are reminiscent of cakes from young for some. 30th birthday cakes are also great for celebrating the achievements one has attained, such as a hard-earned black and gold Rolex watch. For the birthday stars with a sense of humour, prank cakes such as our Bikini Cake are perfect for a good laugh. Coming in semi-sphere cake and piped in delicious buttercream, choose from pink/off-white or black/red for a cheeky birthday bash. 

30s Birthday Cake

Cakes For 50th, 60th, 70th Birthdays And Onwards

The next major stage in life is when you enter the golden 50s. For milestone ages here onwards, such as 50th birthday, 60th birthday, 70th birthday and onwards, birthday cakes usually feature gold shades. A common colour combination is gold and black, such as our Minimalist Black x Gold Cake, fantastic for those going for modern sophistication. With all the experience gained through the ages, commemorate your professional accolades with a fitting cake. An example would be a distinguished fondant lawyer atop a law book with his trusty gavel. Besides the hard work over the years, kick back with a Beer Mug Cake sure to impress even non-drinkers. Select your choice of beer, like Budweiser or Heineken, for a show-stopping gravity defying beer pouring cake. Perhaps a thoughtful birthday cake for moms who have been baking delicious treats for you through the years? Featuring berries beside a fondant character with a piping bag and lovingly painted bakes, passionate home bakers will love this beautiful cake. Birthday cakes for 50th, 60th, 70th and onwards can also be simple and sweet, such as our Rosette Cake with beautifully piped buttercream roses.

50th Birthday Cake

Longevity Cakes

Different cultures also have varying birthday traditions, with an example being the Chinese culture with their longevity cakes. Common colours include gold and red, with popular elements such as peach (shou tao), cherry blossoms, and symbols of wealth e.g. gold coins. Celebrate your parents and grandparents with our Longevity Blessings Cake, a buttercream cake decorated with fondant longevity peaches, fruits, macarons, gold leaves, and a piped birthday wish. For grandparents who absolutely dote on their dearest grandchild, get a cake with fondant characters resembling them for their special day, adorned with longevity peaches, cherry blossoms and a gold Shou acrylic topper. For grandparents or parents who have always provided the best, gift a grand 2 tier cake complete with a fondant crane, koi fish, longevity peaches, golden bamboos, and a Shou acrylic topper. With so many meaningful symbols, the celebrant will definitely feel the love and well wishes of wealth, health, abundance, and more. If your elderly loved one prefers keeping it simple, our Auspicious Longevity Cake is the perfect birthday cake for them. Adorned with a gold fondant Shou on the side and complemented with delicately shaped fondant longevity peaches and gold sprinkles, the cake conveys all the best birthday wishes in one beautiful package. For the fun-loving birthday star, our Longevity Shou Chocolate Pinata is an exciting way to celebrate their special occasion.

Longevity Cake

Birthday Cake Alternatives

Looking for an alternative to birthday cakes? Consider an edible bouquet like our Floral Cupcake Bouquet for mommy dearest or a tasty Moustache Tart for your loving father. Why not gift the birthday star who always has love to share a macaron tower filled with colourful macarons. For the cupcake enthusiast, our Giant Cupcake Cake is an amazing birthday cake alternative. For the birthday angel who loves mermaids, pull-apart cupcakes are great for a birthday celebration with many tummies to be satisfied. 

Birthday Cake Alternative

Be it 21st birthday cake or 50th longevity cake, finding the perfect birthday cake is easy with our suggestions above. We have also recommended some birthday cake alternatives to get you started. Can’t wait to gift the ideal birthday cake or need more ideas? Get in touch with our representatives via Instagram (@thefrostedchick) or Whatsapp (+65 9176 4560), The Frosted Chick would love to deliver happiness to you.