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Longevity Shou 寿 Chocolate Piñata
Longevity Shou 寿 Chocolate Piñata

Wish a loved one longevity and health with our elegant Longevity Shou 寿 Chocolate Piñata. The 寿 Pinata features a chocolate shell hiding the surprise inside.

Surprise "Filling" can be assorted candies and chocolates, or cake. Additional "Filling" can be provided by you (with 3 days in advance), or customised (price will vary). Please contact us for more details.

Every cake order includes a complimentary greeting card and a pack of 6 metallic gold candles.

Product photos are for reference only.

IMPORTANT: Read instructions under Product Care tab

To ensure safe transportation, all cakes should be transported cold (within 30 - 60mins of pick up).

Piñata Chocolates should be served cold from the fridge for the best smashing experience!

  • $143.00


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