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Silver Mirror Tray

Item for rent only, not for sale. Only 1 is available. If the item is not available, we will suggest a suitable replacement, or process a refund, therefore please pay only via Bank transfer or Paynow to avoid payment charges.

Great for displaying any desserts in a classic,prosperous or grand looking table. Its medium size means it can easily be used to display a reasonable to large amount of desserts. The border is patterned and solid, making a sturdy tray. The mirror base reflects light well and will add a sparkle to your set up.

Recommended usage and the display quantity is as follows.

7 Cupcakes / 16 MiniCupcakes / 20- 32 Macarons / 16 Tarts / 20- 32 Eclairs / 20- 32 Cream Puffs

Kindly note the indicated price is for 4 day rental. Refer to category header for more information on the refundable deposit amount and the terms and conditions regarding any of our hire items.

  • $17.00


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