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(RENTAL) Macaron Tower
(RENTAL) Macaron Tower

Display colorfully stunning macarons in a Macaron Tower at your themed party!

Recommended usage and display quantities are as follows:

Level 8 holds 5 macarons, 4" Diameter 
Level 7 holds 10, 5" Diameter 
Level 6 holds 14, 6" Diameter 
Level 5 holds 18, 7" Diameter 
Level 4 holds 22, 8" Diameter 
Level 3 holds 26, 9" Diameter 
Level 2 holds 30,10" Diameter 
Level 1 holds 34, 11" Diameter 

Adjust the levels according to the amount of macarons you have for display.

Refer to pic 2 for another way of displaying macarons. Such arrangement holds 33 macarons.

This item is rental only, not for sale. Please note the indicated price is for 4 day rental, and only 2 is available for rent.

  • $22.00


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