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White Ceramic Plate (Flat)

Item for rent only, not for sale. Only 4 are available. If the item is not available, we will suggest a suitable replacement, or process a refund, therefore please pay only via Bank transfer or Paynow to avoid payment charges.

Great for displaying any desserts in any themed table. Its large size means it can easily be used to display a large amount of desserts. The side design is a completely flat surface making a flexible plate to use in a set up.

Recommended usage and the display quantity is as follows.

10 Cupcakes / 36 MiniCupcakes / 36 - 54 Macarons / 36 Tarts / 36 - 54 Eclairs / 36 - 54 Cream Puffs

Kindly note the indicated price is for 4 day rental. Refer to category header for more information on the refundable deposit amount and the terms and conditions regarding any of our hire items.

  • $7.00


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