How To Decorate Your Cake

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How To Decorate Your Cake


How To Decorate Your Cake
28 Feb 2023

Want a beautiful designed cake for your special occasion? There are many cake decorating ideas, ranging from fondant cake toppers to printed edible icing. Here’s some ways you can decorate your customized cake for an extra memorable party!

Toy Toppers

Toy toppers are a great addition to kids birthday cakes. Adorn your kids birthday cake with their favourite cartoon characters, such as the brave puppies from Paw Patrol or some iconic Pokemons. Our Paw Patrol Inspired Cake is adorned with a Paw Patrol toy topper set, edible Paw Patrol inspired logo, as well as matching paw prints and bones. Put on your little one’s favourite Paw Patrol episode and ready the fork and spoons as they adventure with Chase, Marshall and the other courageous dogs. For our budding Pokemon trainers, our Pokemon Inspired Cake is decorated with a toy Pokeball and notable Pokemons like Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. Toy toppers make perfect decorations for the best birthday cake for kids in Singapore as kids can keep and play with the toys as well!

toy toppers

Fondant Icing

Fondant is a type of sugar-based edible icing which can be used to coat and sculpt cakes as well as other pastries and decorations. Fondant cake decorations can be 2D or 3D depending on your preferences. An example of 2D fondant design is our Rapunzel Floating Lantern Cake, featuring a 2D fondant tower and a Rapunzel toy topper. Your little girl will love the Princess cake perfect for an enchanting princess themed birthday party. For 3D fondants, popular choices include humans, interests, and animals. Why not celebrate your grandpa with a longevity cake featuring a lovely 3D fondant topper modeled after him? Popular interests such as transport/ vehicles and trending games make for impressive fondant designs as well! Journey with your young one on their favourite vehicle with a bus/ train fondant cake or impress them with a Fortnite Inspired Cake. Complete with an adorable fondant Llama Loot Pinata, a treasure chest and trusty tools like the pickaxe, everyone’s a victor when our Fortnite Inspired Cake is served! A crowd favourite kids birthday theme is the adorable jungle safari animal. With our Wild Animals Jungle Cake, choose your favourite animal (lion, elephant, giraffe, monkey, hippo) to be the main 3D topper while the rest will join on the wild adventure as 2D fondants.

fondant icing

Printed Edible Icing

Hosting a corporate gathering or commemorating your company’s milestone? Printed edible icing is ideal for showcasing your brand’s logo or unique motif. Being relatively fuss-free, printed edible icing is also a good design for birthday cakes for kids. For example, our CoComelon and Family Inspired Cake features a printed icing family image topper.

edible printed icing

Floral Cake Designs

Flower accents are a classic cake decoration. For example, complementing the cheeky dragon Mushu with gorgeous gold fondant flowers makes for a stunning Mulan inspired cake. Little mermaids will love our The Little Mermaid inspired cake, with gorgeous white fondant flowers bringing out Ariel’s beautiful red hair. Show your love with an incredible display of buttercream flowers, perfect for a wedding or anniversary cake. Going for a more elegant theme? Pair your delicious cake with assorted fresh flowers for a sophisticated cake design. Such understated elegance is ideal for birthday cakes for elderly who might prefer to keep things simple.


Customized Cake Toppers

One easy cake decor is customized cake toppers made of materials such as cardstock or acrylic. For an extra magical pastel rainbow unicorn cake, why not customize a cake topper with the celebrant’s name? Parents throwing a gender reveal party or baby shower can also include a cake topper to announce the newest addition to their family. Holding a cozy baby shark themed children birthday party? Keep it fuss-free with paper baby shark cake toppers!

customized toppers

Other Cake Design Inspiration

Some other cake decoration ideas includes edible lustre. The edible lustre adds a shimmering touch to our Gold Mahjong Cake, our wishes of good luck and fortune included! Our Gold Mahjong Cake also has a money pulling option for those who wish to gift their loved ones a happy surprise. A drip cake also cannot go wrong, such as our BTS Drip Cake, featuring BTS toy toppers atop purple buttercream with pink drip. It’s always a good time to declare I Purple You to the loyal ARMY in your life. Another classic cake design is assorted sprinkles. An example is the well-loved Batman’s iconic silhouette set against a galaxy backdrop topped with gold sprinkles. A timeless cake decoration is with other treats or fruits. For our Netflix Inspired Party Cake, popcorn, macarons, ice cream cones and assorted chocolate snacks are the perfect cake toppings for a Netflix binge.

other cake deco

With islandwide cake delivery available and free flexi delivery for orders above $150, sit back and relax after sharing your cake ideas with us. Be it a birthday cake for boys or girls or a corporate anniversary, bring your dream cake to reality with The Frosted Chick.