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Blackjack Poker Cake
Blackjack Poker Cake

Deal yourself a winning hand of flavor with our spectacular poker-styled birthday cake! This edible masterpiece is stacked with layers of moist deliciousness and adorned with edible cards and chips for an unforgettable celebration. Whether you're all in for chocolate, aces for vanilla, or a royal flush of both, this cake is a jackpot of taste that'll make your birthday party a full house of fun! Don't gamble on ordinary – bet on extraordinary with our poker-themed cake that's sure to be the sweetest highlight of your special day!

Every cake order includes a complimentary greeting card and a pack of 6 metallic gold candles.

Add more, or complement your order with other Novelty Candles and Cake Toppers.

To view add-on options, please visit "Add On Decorations" under the "Cakes" tab.

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IMPORTANT: Read instructions under Product Care tab

To ensure safe transportation, all cakes should be transported cold (within 30 - 60mins of pick up).

Buttercream cakes are best consumed at an aircon temperature. Please allow the cakes to thaw for 30mins - 1hr (depending on the size) if refrigerated beforehand. The cake can be left in cold aircon temperature of 18°C - 20°C up to 4hrs.

For cakes with fondant decoration, they must be taken out of refrigeration to an aircon temperature of 18°C - 20°C. This is to prevent condensation from forming, which may disfigure the fondant.

Kindly note that dark buttercream colors may stain the tongue and alter the original taste of the cream, we advise serving without the final coat of frosting. If you wish to avoid this, please request for lighter color(s) instead. 

Toothpicks / skewers / wires may be used to mount or stabilise cake decorations. Please remove them before serving.

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