Family of Ducks

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Family of Ducks
Family of Ducks

Choice of size and flavor. Comes with ombre blue buttercream and fondant duck toppers (default 3, and you can add on more ducks to indicate more members of your family)

Note: Rainbow flavor not applicable for short cakes

Photos are for reference only. Additional fondant words/numbers, (like name and age in photo) and other toppers are not included, but can be added on. Selected size may differ from pictures.

For most relevant addons, scroll down. To see full list of addons view in Cakes>Add On Decorations.

IMPORTANT: Read instructions under product care tab

Cakes leave the shop cold for safe transportation. Place on a level surface and allow aircon to reach the cake. 

Buttercream cakes are best had at aircon temp and will be hard when cold. Please allow a thaw time of 45mins-2hours(depending on cake size) if refrigerated. It can be left in aircon temp (18-22degrees) for at least 4hours.

If you must refrigerate cakes with fondant decoration, it must be taken out to a cold aircon temp (18-20deg) first, to prevent condensation which may disfigure the fondant. 

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